Christopher Walsh, CFP®

I’m a Wealth Manager with Keystone Financial Partners and the founder of Wealth Wise, a  financial planning platform dedicated to helping young professionals make better decisions with their money.

I grew up in New York, in the Hudson Valley, just north of New York City. I moved to Raleigh in 2010 with my wife, Lauren, our daughter, Aubrey, and our golden retriever, Duncan. When I’m not keeping up on financial news or meeting with clients you’ll find me checking out local breweries with friends, taking trips to the beach, or spending time with my family. 

I started my financial planning career in 2006. I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in 2012. I do this job because I love it. I truly enjoy taking complex issues and helping clients understand them.

The story behind Wealth Wise

I started Wealth Wise because I noticed that there is an enormous gap in the availability of personal financial planning services for younger generations. 

Most financial firms have high asset minimums (often times $1 million or more) that many people, particularly young families, are simply unable to meet. Additionally, their service models are often tailored to the needs of retirees in their 60’s and 70’s rather than meeting the unique needs of those in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. 

There’s also a common (but completely inaccurate) perception in the industry that young professionals simply don’t need financial planning services because their financial situations aren’t complex enough. I couldn’t disagree more! In fact, I would argue that people in their 20’s-40’s have far more chaotic lives and need financial advice even more than typical retirees do. 

Unfortunately, most young people are not able to find trustworthy professional financial advisors to work with. Many of them are forced to either seek out answers to complex financial issues on their own, or rely on the opinions of brokers selling investments or insurance products on commission who may not have their best interest at heart

These experiences have taught me that the decision to seek out financial advice should not be dictated by how much money you have, but by your desire and motivation to understand your financial life and position yourself to reach your fullest potential. Professional, objective, and caring advice can help you to define and achieve your goals. 


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